Dead Scientists – We Will Find The Words (2020)

There are a lot of looming threats hanging over the planet from climate change to rampant authoritarianism. These threats are the basis of We Will Find The Words, the debut album by Dead Scientists. When faced with this looming darkness, the two members Ross and Dan expressed their feelings on the rapid change in the world through their music.

While the band formed 11 years ago, they have been on hiatus for the better part of a decade. They have now reformed to take on the bleak and uncertain world of today. Written and recorded remotely from opposite ends of the country, the album encapsulates all our emotions from bleak despair to discomfort and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed.

The album starts with the title track ‘We Will Find The Words’. The deep pulsing beat gives you some insight into what is in store for you, but the piano line offers this desolate thread. There is a general air of melancholy to this song, but there is also something more. The airiness of the vocals and higher melodic notes give you the sense of floating along in a form of apathy. This is a very overarching single and if the album where a movie, it would be that song that plays as the camera flies over a town.

‘Moondust’ has these twisting notes at the start coupled with a steady drum that draws you in. This is a very captivating beat that you can’t help but get lost in before the hazy vocals hit. There is a lot of controlled power in this single. The vocals pick up around the chorus while the melody tells its own story. Moving from the wavering tones to these wonderful light twinkling notes, the melody is utterly captivating.

The acoustic opening of ‘November 24th’ is quite calming and the single has an overall acoustic rock/country vibe to it. The strings in the background create this sombre tone for the song while the vocals draw you into the emotions of the lyrics. This is a wonderfully executed track with so many elements that it is hard to decide what you like most about it. The piano lines smoothly enter, the soaring vocals have this wonderful all-encompassing quality while the beat sweeps you away. A definite candidate for my favourite song of the album.

The dark and driving beat of ‘IDDQD’ gets your pulse racing while the synth tones create this creepy vibe. The vocals are equally sinister in the high tone and undulating presentation. This song is so different from the others before it and really showcases the versatility of the band. The melody has this depth while the vocals are a higher layer that works in perfect synchronisation to get you lost in the song.

‘Distance’ has this very 90s acoustic rock vibe to the opening. This track brings back the overarching feeling of the first, but there is also something unique about it. The lyrics are ridiculously relatable in this song while the melody gives you this feeling of isolation. This is one of the easier to listen to tracks on the album that you could have playing at any time while you relax.

Dead Scientists

The next track is ‘Events Leading To’ which has these guitar lines at the start combined with light bells that grab your attention. The vocals have this great tone to them that helps you connect with the lyrics and emotions of the track. The guitars in the background create this moving melody that becomes pulsing as the dark days creep up on you. You can almost feel the constant change of the world through the melody of this song as it moves from lighter almost happy notes to a sense of panic within the guitars.

‘Three Point Six’ has this almost futuristic vibe to the opening with these wavering notes. The vocals have this whispering quality that makes you feel like they are sharing something secret. As they pick up power, on the chorus you soar with them. There is a very sombre feeling to this track that combines with the slow marching complacency created by the melody.

‘Life in a Vacuum’ opens with this wonderful folky tone that is bolstered by the vocals. This is one of the shortest tracks on the album but is so captivating that you don’t realise this. There is an easiness to the melody that reminds you of relaxing days. However, the lyrics are a different story as they ask deeper questions than the melody makes you think. The lightness of the track combined with the heavy lyrics makes this a great song that you can easily listen to again and again.

The opening of ‘Woodpecker’ is interesting with these orchestral notes and what sounds like an old propeller. This combines with light cymbals before the beats really get you. There are a lot of elements working together on this song to provide all these layers that meld into an unforgettable tune. There is a gentleness threaded through the single, but this is woven into a sense of confusion and sadness.

The album comes to an end with ‘Two Types of Power’ which starts with this interesting guitar line and hazy undertone. There is a sense of something building up in the melody that gently breaks when the vocals strike. The vocals have a haziness to them, but there is also this sense of power lying underneath. This shows itself at times and matches the lyrics of the song which are worth listening to.

Dead Scientists make a triumphant return with their cynical and rather bleak album We Will Find The Words. Tackling the threats of modern society, the band showcases their versatility and musicality. Each song is unique and looks at something different, but they are all so amazing that it is hard to choose a favourite. This will end with you listening to this album too many times to count.

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