After Elmer – Look Alive (2020)

After Elmer are taking a look at the flow of life in their latest EP Look Alive. The four-track EP looks at coming of age, the importance of communication and getting a terrible job that forces you into clock watching. All of this is considered through the lens of smart lyrics, honest emotions and their signature fast guitar lines.

This Rotterdam-based band formed in 2018 and released two singles last years. While the pandemic created a bumpy year for musicians, they managed to record and perfect their new music. The result of this dedication to their music is this energetic and genuine EP.

The EP starts with the title track ‘Look Alive’, a spicy song about working in an office. The energetic guitars draw you into this track and fill you with the pace of the song. There is an infectious vibe to the guitar-driven melody that grabs you and shakes your chest. The vocals have an authenticity to them and thrust you into the boring existence of a terrible job that you hate. As an opening track, this song really sets the tone for the EP.

‘Secrets’ hits you with a more aggressive opening full of blasting guitars and deep beats. The vocals have a more subdued tone to them compared to the opening track. While the song has a different vibe to it, there is still that infectious energy. You can’t help but what to move to the rhythm of the track. The pace really picks up as the song progresses, but the bass continues to thump through your chest.  

‘Talk’ takes a turn away from the pumping guitar opening and uses a gentle acoustic guitar flow instead. The softer vibe of this song works well with the lyrics and message of open communication. It is not only the melody that takes a softer turn as the vocals slip into a ballad style. The swing of this song showcases the versatility of the band and their ability to use different melodic elements to drive the message of their music home.

The EP ends with ‘Hatchet’ which has a very groovy flowing opening. The soft haziness of this lets you float into the song before you are toppled by the driving guitar. The guitar line drives its way through you and forms this pop-punk melody for the rest of the track. This brings back the infectious energy of the start of the EP, but there is something a little more about this track.

After Elmer uses smart lyrics, fast guitars and emotional hits to hook you to their EP Look Alive. This four-track EP pumps you up with their energetic rhythms, but also offers a soft reflection on life.

Find out more about After Elmer on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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