Brett Copeland – Cure for Me (2022)

Brett Copeland has taken us on journeys packed with electrifying melodies in ‘Your Paradise’, and the mad people who rule the world in ‘Ruse’. He is now turning closer to home with his single ‘Cure for Me’ which dives into debilitating anxiety that can take a toll on your mind and body. Packed with the spiral that many people easily fall into, he takes us deep into the dark place where despair and negativity fester into something that seems incurable.

Through the single, he touches on everything that adds to the spiral of darkness, from paranoia to hypochondria, to the endless news cycles packed with doom and gloom. Drawing on his own experience with anxiety and despair, Copeland draws us into the disconnect from ourselves that is all too easy to get lost in. Working with Philip Paulsen, the single was recorded remotely between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California.

‘Cure for Me’ warbles and reaches out into the soundscape with a really interesting rock tone. There is a touch of industrial and psychedelia to the opening that flows into a rather intense beat of alternative rock. The layered and dynamic approach of the melody perfectly brings the spiral of dark emotions, anxiety and paranoia to sonic glory. For all its anxiety-riddled tones, the melody is rather addictive and you never really want it to end. The pulse of the guitars vibrates through your chest while a light droning tone further shakes up your insides. The juddering tone that comes through later in the track flings you off centre as you journey deeper and deeper into the hole created by negative emotions.

As you are rocking out to the spiral of the melody, Copeland’s vocals draw you into the feeling of disconnect that comes from the press of negativity. His performance lays down the path into the midst of despair and darkness that you feel you can never escape from. There is a touch of hopelessness to his performance, but this is softened by the engaging flow of his vocals. While the lyrics are packed with a sense of incurable depression and darkness, you can’t help but rock out to the single.

Brett Copeland has you rocking out to the downward spiral of darkness and despair that fills the lyrics of ‘Cure for Me’. The music brings the journey into darkness to sonic glory through the dynamic melody. His vocals are as engaging as the melody, as they lead you down the path of anxiety and into the midst of despair.

Find out more about Brett Copeland on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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