Alan Dreezer – Equal (2021)

A sharing of thoughts has turned into something much bigger for Alan Dreezer with his latest single ‘Equal’. What started out as musings regarding being a part-time dad took on a deeper meaning with the events of the last year. The transformation of the single led from personal musings to a reassessment of equality and a need to change the world. Through the beats of the track, Dreezer drives into all of us the need to take the time to understand each other and do more to help one another.

Coming off his next album and produced by S BNJMN, the track will have you re-evaluating your outlook on life. Filled with infectious transformative energy, the single has you moving to its beats. All the proceeds from the record will go to The Love Button movement which promotes a culture of love through acts of kindness in daily life.

The opening beats of ‘Equal’ pop around your head with echoes and drama. The synths that well up from the base of the melody bring a more dramatic feeling to the music before it they turn into bright bubbles of light. There is a very interesting movement to the music as it pounds and vibrates against your ears. The infectious tones have your head moving to their rhythm while your heart starts to beat to their pace.

While the beats get you moving to them, Dreezer’s vocals bring their own dancing movement to the single. The bouncing tone of his performance creates an uplifting feeling to the single. The vibe of the music and vocals are a little at odds with the lyrics which touch on some heavier topics. While hitting you with some deeper thoughts, they also make you think about how you view the world. This is particularly clear in the chorus as he calls for equal love.

Alan Dreezer has you reassessing the world with a call for kindness and equality in the aptly titled single ‘Equal’. Using a melody packed with engaging beats and dancing vocals, he muses on love and the need for equality. A truly engaging single, it lets you have a fun time while hitting you with some serious topics.

Find out more about Alan Dreezer on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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