Too Many Leaders – All The Hats (2021)

Hailing from Uganda, although he was raised between Uganda and Hungary, Zoltan is singer-songwriter making sounds from the USA. Calling New York his home, Zoltan uses lighthearted melodies with compelling lyricism to share his insightful opinions of life with listeners. After performing as a bass player for several bands, Too Many Leaders is Zoltan’s solo project. Oddly enough, the one-man-band element was not intentional but rather a consequence of Covid-19 – this is why he chose to keep the moniker. The debut single from this interesting artist is ‘All The Hats’.

Penned in early-2020, ‘All The Hats’ is an indie-rock meets pop with undertones of soul. Reminiscent of James Bay, Paolo Nutini and old-school Jamie Cullum, Too Many Leaders brings the mellow sounds of the late-1990s/early-2000s to modern society. With a steady drumline, interspersed brass section and moving bass, ‘All The Hats’ is an endearing track with a toe-tapping quality. While there is a strong warmth in the instrumentation, it is the addition of Zoltan’s rich vocals that really bring the tune to life.

With a strong personal narrative, Zoltan captures the pressure, confusion and anxiety of youthful relationships. Elegantly executing witty lyricism over a charming melody, ‘All The Hats’ is an introspective single with a hint of nostalgia in the soul-stirring single.

“I wrote ‘All The Hats’ in February to help me get over my first real relationship… I couldn’t help also writing this song about a job I used to have that I wasn’t a big fan of. They had a loud annoying fan in the breakroom that I was listening to while writing parts of the song.” – Too Many Leaders on ‘All The Hats’

So, how do I really describe ‘All The Hats’ and do I really enjoy it? The answer is a loud yes! Despite being a unique mish-mash of instrumentation, Zoltan’s vocals act as an anchor in the acoustic-influenced swirl of sound. It’s like stepping into a warm bath and eating a bar of chocolate in a lavender-scented room. I love it!

For more from Too Many Leaders check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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