Alex Julia – Better Part of Me (2020)

If you need a collection of songs that move from stripped-back acoustics to expansive rock Alex Julia has just what you need. With her debut EP Better Part of Me, she navigates the different parts of herself through her music. Each track touches on a personal experience and wraps it in a layered soundscape offering a glimpse into what Julia has to offer.

Drawing on inspiration from musical acts such as Alanis Morissette and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, she creates unmistakable original music. Since starting her musical career, she has received recognition from Produced by a Girl podcast and shared the stage with Jarod Clemons and Kolour Story. She has also played the Jersey Shore Music Festival for 5-years straight.

The EP starts with ‘It’s Coming’ which strums to life with a light grunge feeling. The beats that join the acoustic guitar get your head moving to their rhythm before Julia’s vocals come in. Her vocals have a hazy flow to them that complements the guitar line. There is a very 90s feel to the music while offering an edge of modernity through the soaring electric guitar lines. The guitar riffs later in the single flood your chest with grunge vibes.

The title track ‘Better Part of Me’ bangs to being with a heavier rock sound. The crashing cymbals give way to a melodic soaring guitar line that pulls your head into the stratosphere. Julia’s voice pulls you back to Earth when it enters. The 90s feel from the opening track remains with this song, but it takes on a more alternative vibe compared to the grunge of ‘It’s Coming’. The lyrics of the track are quite sad as they consider not being properly seen by someone you care about. The melancholy is enhanced by the introduction of lighter guitar notes later in the song.

‘Counting Stars’ takes a completely different route in terms of style as you are hit with some 80s pop beats. The echoing edge to the vocals bolsters the vintage feeling of the single. The layers of instrumentation are engaging as they burst on the chorus before dropping for a sombre pop sound on the verses. This helps to enhance the vocals which continue the sadness of the last song. While there is a sadness to the lyrics, there is an empowering feeling within the vocal performance. Through her performance, Julia gives you some strength to break away from negative influences and people.

Alex Julia

The next track is ‘What’s Going On’ which brings back some of the grunge sounds from the first track. While tinged with grunge, there is a very chilled and laid-back vibe to the opening of the track. The music has an epic feeling to it that edges close to anthemic as it sends you flying. The single features vocals from Jean which adds a conversational flow to the lyrics. The interplay between the vocals lines is wonderful as it offers an acknowledgement of both sides of a relationship and their feelings.

‘A Beautiful Escape’ takes you far out from the rest of the album with the layered melody and funky guitar riffs. There is a unique feeling to this song when taken with the rest of the EP as you are hit with modern pop sensibilities covered in indie-rock stylings. The vocals have a grounded feeling on the verses before they echo around your head for the chorus. There is a great energy to this song that draws you into the track while offering an acceptance of life.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Feeling More’ which strips back the music for a soft acoustic flow. The gentle vibes of the track is a great way to set you on your way after the rest of the album. Julia’s vocals take on a softer timbre for this single which works perfectly with the acoustic soundscape. While stripped back, there is a lot of emotion in the single as you are covered with the feeling of being overwhelmed by emotion.

Alex Julia uses her debut EP Better Part of Me to showcase her dynamic musicality as she takes on different styles for a sonic portrait of emotions. Each single has a distinct soundscape that taps into different energy to portray the emotions of the lyrics. From laid-back grunge to alternative rock and stripped back acoustics, the EP is the perfect introduction to what she has to offer.

Find out more about Alex Julia on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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