Alexandra – Helium (2021)

While studying music was not the norm in her family, Alexandra Alden continued to hold tight. Exploring her affinity for music, Alden uses acoustic sounds to share personal tales. Moving from one country to the other, the Maltese songstress embraces different cultures, lifestyles and uses them as inspiration for her sound. A prominent figure in the Maltese music industry, Alden plays a role in not only contemporary reality shows (The Voice Malta) but in philanthropic pursuits working with charities to help children embark on musical journeys of their own. Featured in Indie Dock Music Blog, Unravel Malta and This Is Pop, Alden is reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Helium’.

Following on from her hypnotic ballad ‘Shadow of Woman’, Alexandra adopts a cheerier and more upbeat sound in ‘Helium’. Combining dynamic drums, guitars and underlying keyboards, the single has an otherworldliness to its tone. Inspired greatly by the Covid-19 lockdowns, ‘Helium’ touches on elements of isolation, frustration, desperation and anxiety. Known for whimsical lyricism and carefree melodies, the tune does not diverge much from her sound; however, it does showcase eclecticism with profound poignancy in content. The juxtaposition between carelessness and introspective complexity is particularly intriguing.

For some reason, be it fate or fancy, Alden moves about continuously relocating from country to country. Using this personal experience as a foundation for her songs, there remains a constant questioning of “what comes next” – something quite evident in ‘Helium’. Speaking of the dissolution of whimsical thoughts and powerful presence of mundane reality, ‘Helium’ captures the suffocating sensation of confinement. Yet, there is lingering haunting within the melancholic vocals prompting a sense of optimism, acceptance and hope.

In addition to her single, Alexandra released an official music video for ‘Helium’. The video can be viewed below:

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