Alexiane – You Say You Love Me (2021)

Alexiane is giving us a taste of what her new album has to offer with ‘You Say You Love Me’. The single brings the first touches of the cinematic sound that fills the album and swirls with her alternative pop style. Drawing on the sounds of her childhood, she turns demons into muses and takes us along for the musical ride.

Merging French, North American and African tones, Alexiane picks the best elements of her multi-cultural background to shape her sound. While best known for her 2017 single ‘A Million on My Soul’, featured in the blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Alexiane has much more to offer. Making waves in the Quebec music world with the French version of this single, she is steadily making serious gains in the music industry.

‘You Say You Love Me’ sweeps into life with a twang to the guitars. There is a forward movement through the beats that lead you to strummed acoustic guitar. The guitar lines dance together and form a thread of sound that leads you further into the single. It is a rich sound that bounces off the beats that fill the chorus and rise into a glittering higher layer. While the melody has a steady movement that rises as the single progresses, there is an interesting alternative pop touch to it.

While the melody propels you through the soundscape, it is Alexiane’s vocals that really make the single. Her performance is tender in the opening as she pulls you into the story of the lyrics. Through the lyrics, she details being away from someone and on a journey for a long time. The chorus brings the question of whether the person she left still loves her after the journey she has taken. Her voice has this unique edge that captures your interest and keeps you hooked to her sound. She is able to infuse so much emotion into the lyrics that you can’t help but feel like you have been on the same journey as her. Later in the track, there is a change to her performance that adds a wonderfully unique flair to the song.

Alexiane sweeps into your sense with a rich sound that layers guitars and her unique vocals over a story of journeys and love in ‘You Say You Love Me’. The music has a steady movement that draws you into the single only to rise for the chorus. Alexiane’s vocals are the real star of the show as she infuses emotion into each word and takes you on the journey of the single.

Find out more about Alexiane on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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