NEO 10Y – Vapid Prophecy (2022)

NEO 10Y is taking listeners on a serious ride through the genre-fusion and multi-dimensional tones of ‘Vapid Prophecy’. Action-packed with a touch of celestial overtones, the single is introspective and intricate as it draws you into a spiritual revolution. The cosmic lyrics showcase NEO 10Y’s artistic process as they form a living presence through his musicality and the emotions infused into each note of the song.

Using their multi-disciplinary musical style, NEO 10Y fuses it with his own spiritual revolutionary stance. Making music that is subversive and cerebral, the narratives and conscious lyricism decode the human condition, while sparking a fire within each listener. Their moving music has seen them featured by Billboard, BBC, GQ and landed him on multiple editorial playlists.

A layering of light melodics and vocals opens ‘Vapid Prophecy’. The melody is tender and glints with light as it swirls around your senses. The guitars turn everything as they break through the tender tones and throw you into the deep beats. The melody is an intense combination of melodic elements, with a heavy touch of electronic tones that push you into the deep beats, only for the higher cerebral tones to twinkle. There is a lot going on in the melody as it moves through your chest and bursts into your extremities for an intense movement. From the first moment, you are hooked to the melody without even realising it and only sink further into the sound as the single progresses.

The vocals that create part of the opening layer are celestial in their movement, like a star twinkling in the distance and beckoning you toward it. The lyrics that draw you into the vocal performance are quite interesting as they basically invite you into a cult. While there is an undertone of being in a cult, the foundation of the cult is love. There is a touch of introspection to the lyrics that turn your thoughts inward and have you thinking about your place in the world. The darker tones that rise from the higher vocals add extra texture to the sound and make the single even more addictive. There is something that weaves its way through the vocals and melody that hooks talons into your brain and effortlessly draws you into the spiritual revolution.

NEO 10Y draws you into a spiritual revolution through the fusion of celestial vocals and action-packed melodics in ‘Vapid Prophecy’. The music swirls with lights, only to throw you into intense deep beats, with twinkling overtones. The vocals are almost ethereal in their beckoning movement, before they turn with the introspective lyrics.

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