Ali Pips – Black Dahlia Smile Me (2021)

Ali Pips hits you with a wild ride through the mashup tones of her debut single ‘Black Dahlia Smile Me’. Bringing progressive rock to classical lines and New Orleans jazz, she showcases her musical versatility through the progressive melody and rowdy sound. While swirling with a unique power, the single delves into gothic imagery creating an immersive listening experience.

Pips brings her classical piano training to her deep roots in jazz and rock. After starting piano lessons at age four, she also started learning New Orleans jazz from her father and began her journey into crossing genres. Diving into Providence’s experimental music scene, she was a backing vocalist for hard rockers Rome before lending her experience to RIAD. Now she is going to take the world by storm with her unique fusion of sound.

‘Black Dahlia Smile Me’ has a dramatic feeling to the opening that turns into a dark fusion tone. The piano line waltzes around your senses while the drums create waves of sound that makes you want to dance to it. This all swings on the chorus for a splash of rowdy jazz tones. There is a lot going on in the track that keeps you on tenterhooks. As you are swept up in the wild ride of the melody, you feel a creeping and ominous sense running up your back. When the music reaches fever pitch, your heart starts to pound and the instrumentation has your brain fizzing out while your muscles coil with the need to explode into movement. It is a seriously epic melody that you can’t get enough of and have to listen to again and again.

While you are being slowly driven mad by the melody, the vocals pull you into a tale of dark eclecticism. Drawing on the Black Dahlia, Pips wraps dark lyrics filled with horror around the utterly addictive tones of the music. The vocals are as wild as the melody as you move from a slightly soulful flow to a foot-stomping chorus. There is a serious gothic edge to the vocals and lyrics that fill you with Victorian horror which is an absolute pleasure to listen to. When the music jitters through your senses, the vocals swing for a serpentine slide that slinks into your brain and will not shift.

Ali Pips blows you out of the water with the wild ride and gothic horror of ‘Black Dahlia Smile Me’. The music works its way into your soul to get your limbs moving and your brain fizzing out. The vocals pull you into a dark tale that is really too engaging for its own good. Every element comes together for a masterpiece that you are going to be listening to on repeat whether you want to or not.

Find out more about Ali Pips on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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