Marc Delgado – The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel (2021)

While offering a tribute and ode to the late, great Richard Manuel, Marc Delgado is also delving into something much deeper. Through his single ‘The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel’, he pays homage and brings metaphors for addiction and the struggle of the addicted to your ears. Using the story of Manuel and his own struggles, Delgado weaves a tale that is immersive and cinematic.

To bring the story of the single to life, Delgado (vocals, guitar) is joined by Justin Tracy (drums, vocals), Todd Nelson (guitar, vocals) and James Kirk (bass, vocals). This group of musicians have come together gradually over the years. As their first major release, this single is a sign of things to come and a taster for Delgado’s debut concept album.

‘The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel’ has you groovy to the rhythm from the first immersive tone. The guitar washes over you with an undeniable power that has your head gentle bopping to it. There is a touch of old school rock-n-roll to the melody that twines around folk-rock sensibilities. While immersive, the melody is also intimate and warm as it drapes over your senses. The intimacy of the music pulls you close and lets the story of the lyrics slide into your brain. Every element of the melody works together perfectly for a stunning arrangement that draws you into the journey of the song.

Delgado’s vocals are a rich layer riding the intimate melody to offer an ode tempered with caution and a light warning. His voice is rather infectious and you can’t help but want to sink down into his whiskey warm tones. While everything about the song pulls you close, there is a very serious thread woven into the engaging tones. The story of Richard Manuel is one that many recognise and relate to but there is a sad tone to the vocals that lets you know there is more to everything. Through the single, you are taken on a spiral into pain and the yearning for coming home yet feeling it is too far away.

Marc Delgado pays tribute while delving into serious topics and tugs relentlessly on your heartstrings in ‘The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel’. The single is packed with a warm intimacy that helps the sad depths of the lyrics to hit home a little harder. Delgado’s rich vocals drape over you before reaching into your chest and tugging at your emotions with the sad contemplations of the song. While a single that has you diving into sad emotions, it is also one that you can listen to on endless repeat.

Find out more about Marc Delgado on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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