Alif Maulana – Couldn’t Care Less (2021)

Inspired by the music of Toto, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Gugun Blues Shelter and Maroon 5, singer-songwriter Alif Maulana is turning heads on an international level. With his diverse sound, Maulana is not only showing innovativeness but also that he is not to be pigeon-holed. Featured on Urban Asia, Media Indonesia and various playlists, the Indonesian singer-songwriter is a refreshing breath of air in a stagnating indie industry. The latest addition to this artist’s repertoire is the single ‘Couldn’t Care Less’.

Fusing elements of funk, pop and jazz, Maulana adds a soulful sensuality to his laidback tunes. ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ is a sophisticated combination of old-school blues guitar, steady drums and a soothing bassline. Working as both a musician and composer, Maulana has a natural skill for music performance and this is evident in the hypnotic new single. An interesting melodic arrangement demonstrates a transition from an upbeat tone to slower sounds, then ending in a hard-hitting, high-powered chorus.

Recorded over a series of years, ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ began as a composition in 2017 with Maulana’s friend as the vocalist. For approximately three years, the song remained in storage but came to the fore during pandemic lockdowns. After re-listening to the original single, Maulana recalled certain lyricism and placed them into what we know as ‘Couldn’t Care Less’. Poetic and elegant, Maulana shows you should never throw any creative recordings away.

Along with the jovial and buoyant tune, the lyricism has a laidback poignancy to it. Significant and insightful no doubt, but the song focuses primarily on pursuing dreams. Maulana’s rich vocals punctuate each chord with uplifting empowerment. In an eloquent and charming way, Maulana says that you should not underestimate yourself, doubt your decisions or care what people say in ‘Couldn’t Care Less’.

For more from Alif Maulana check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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