Eggs On Mars – Mama Pancake (2018)

Image courtesy of Eggs On Mars

Kansas City has brought us Eggs On Mars – a band with an amazing mix of genres. This trio has made an excellent album, Mama Pancake, that I think most people would love. I think that it would also give a different experience to all who listen to it! From lo-fi slacker surfer to garage egg pop, this band has managed to combine the genres into a mellow chill-out album that people could listen to feel relaxed. A great album to also have on as background music!

The band is comprised of Jason the bassist, Mason on drums and Brad on vocals and guitar. The trio definitely gels well together, and you can tell how well the musicians have clicked. The music flows really well, and you can tell that the musicians connect well as the songs flow well individually and together. It’s music you can listen to over and over and not get bored, which is awesome, as well as a great find!

The band has many influences, such as artists Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Built To Spill and George Harrison. They have made a great album which reflects and expands on its influences. ‘Sod Is Good’ is probably my favourite song on this album as the rhythm is great and I love the guitar part. ‘Don’t Listen’ is also a favourite. I love the lyrics and how accurate they are, people do not often pay attention. I love the rhythm and beat; it’s a fantastic song.

‘Red Haired Darling’ is great. It has a slow smooth feel to it, and I think most of us can relate to it in some way! ‘Meet Me In Hannibal’ has a good feel to it with a brilliant beat. ‘Placeholders’ is also a favourite being a little more upbeat than the other songs. It has a faster beat, so better to dance to!

‘Doing Fine’ is good; it is slower in rhythm during the beginning, but the beat picks up the pace, and the lyrics are also interesting. ‘Prayer for the Troubled Son’ has a good beat as well and is great to listen to. ‘Not to Regain’ is interesting; it’s a great reflection and has some great lyrics. ‘A Song’ has great lyrics with rhythm to it, and ‘Many Minds’ has a great rhythm. I like how it flows, as well as the lyrics.

Overall, Mama Pancake is easy to listen to. Eggs On Mars are a great band to have on when you want something mellow and relaxing. It would be interesting to see this band live, and see how they interact with their audience.

To find out more and to listen to this excellent band, check out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Mama Pancake is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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