Allie Lune – Lo Siento, No Estoy (2022)

With her second release, Allie Lune offers us a fresh pop perspective on love through the Spanish lyrics of ‘Lo Siento, No Estoy’. Pairing her sweet vocals with some seriously unforgettable melodies, she brings a breath of fresh air to our lungs while getting us moving to a fun sound. While only her second single release, Lune is really showing us that she has a lot to offer the music world.

Since she started writing music as a teenager, she has experimented with her self-taught guitar skills, merging them with an exploration of the world of poetry. Now, she is drawing on the indie-pop scene of Spain and tapping into her multicultural background. Writing in both English and Spanish, she bridges linguist divides and gets us really excited about what else she has in store for us in the future.

‘Lo Siento, No Estoy’ opens with a light that peeks over the horizon. There is a soft and happy feeling to the opening notes that get an injection of energy through the strumming in the lower levels. This strumming has your face turning to the light of the vocals before the drums bring a burst of fragrant flowers blossoming before your eyes. There is a delicate rise and fall to the melody that makes you want to bop and dance to the music. It is a very bright melody that is packed with good vibes and pastel-coloured happiness. Leading to the chorus, the music dips before rising for a twirl of happiness in the sun. Later in the track, there is a guitar riff that injects even more of the happy and vibrant energy of the single into your veins. There is no way that you can listen to this melody and not feel the blast of fresh air Lune brings.

As the melody awakens, Lune’s vocals slide in with sweetness and a wonderful youthfulness. Her voice is like the rays of light that brighten a summer day bringing just the right amount of warmth to your skin. While the lyrics are in Spanish, the emotion she puts into each word helps to transcend the language barrier. By the end of the track, you are probably going to be singing along whether you speak Spanish or not.

Allie Lune fills your senses with a bright energy through the delicate rise and fall of her fresh perspective of love in ‘Lo Siento, No Estoy’. The melody has a bright injection of good vibes and pastel-coloured happiness. While the lyrics are in Spanish, her emotive vocals and fun delivery have you singing along in no time.

Find out more about Allie Lune on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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