Early Jets – Right Kind of Fantastic (2022)

Are you looking for a single that brings positive electronic vibes to electric guitars and atmospheric synths? Then you are in the right place as this is exactly what Early Jets has to offer with this single ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’. With the help of Sam Taggart who adds a sheen of sparkles to the melody, the single offers an upbeat message that makes you feel lighter for having listened to it.

Dan Paris, the sole musician behind this musical project and public school teacher, wrote and recorded this single in an empty classroom before and after school. While the single is around the 50th he has written, he felt an intense need to share its positive message with the world. Fellow teacher Taggart adds a wonderful edge to the track with her vocals.

‘Right Kind of Fantastic’ uses an opening of static like the old tuning of a radio to grab your attention. This turns into a reaching guitar tone that strums out into the ether of the melody. The drums pound against the back of your brain pushing you into a tumbling melody that fills you with the feeling of a plane taking off. The push of gravitational forces compresses your chest only to release you into a soaring and gliding sense of freedom. There is a fantastic fusion of different rock styles that merge to form the moving melody. Later in the track, there is a moment when the music drops only to take you soaring to new heights on the warm air currents of the guitars.

Against the reaching opening tones of the guitar, Paris’ vocals call out with an almost matter of fact movement. The borderline spoken-word flow of the verse turns into the melodic flow of the chorus. Taggart’s vocals add a wonderful updraft to the chorus taking Paris’ performance to new heights. The combination of their vocals breaks through clouds and over the horizon filling you with a brightness that can’t be rivalled. As the melody drops, the vocals seem to come from a distance leading you into the impressive bridge. Throughout the single, the vocals bring an empowering and uplifting energy that fills every inch of your body with sparkling light.

Early Jets fills you with bright and sparkling energy through the uplifting vibes and sweeping tones of ‘Right Kind of Fantastic’. The melody moves through you like the force of a plane taking off only to let you glide on freeing waves. Paris’ vocals are gentle and are taken to new heights on the chorus when combined with Taggart’s.

Find out more about Early Jets on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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