Am3r3 – Jaded (2022)

While it is natural that we change as people throughout our lives, it can be difficult to reconcile the changes that happen in people you know. Am3r3 considers this through the late-night tones of his single ‘Jaded’. The song delves into a sleepless night, where you think about the changes in someone you care about and how these changes have made both them and you feel jaded.

As the single delves into these thoughts, Am3r3 uses his synth-dominated sound to bring a strange chilled and relaxed vibe to the contemplations. This sound continues the journey of electronic pop music that has covered his last two releases, while bringing a flair of cyberpunk. Brought to life with various vintage analogue synths and his MacBook, the single borders experimental styles.

‘Jaded’ uses tapping electronic tones to draw you into the sound. These tapping tones rise on the back of atmospheric synths, that create an almost ambient wave of sound through the melody. As the synths ride through the soundscape, they bring a haze of late-night vibes with artificial light creeping into your darkened bedroom. The music easily fills you with the feeling of being awake in the dark night, with thoughts spiralling through your brain. There is a wonderful balance of hazy night vibes and thoughtful electronic tones making their way across your brain with an almost weary lethargy.

The vocals carry a wash of electronic edging that allows them to warble out into the synths. There is something about the vocal performance that draws you into thoughts that endlessly flutter through your mind late at night. While carrying this feeling, the lyrics tug at the emotions invoked by the change in those around us. You can feel the sigh of feeling jaded and mixing with a sense of sadness over how things are no longer as they used to be. Am3r3 seems to be perfecting his ability to draw you into serious contemplation, while relaxing every muscle in your body.

Am3r3 reflects on changes in those around us and how that affects our relationship with them, through the late-night vibes of ‘Jaded’. The music combines almost ambient atmospherics with hazy late-night vibes. The vocals flit across your brain like endless thoughts in the night, while contemplating the changes of the lyrics.

Find out more about Am3r3 on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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