Firebug – Run (2021)

There are moments when situations feel like they are completely out of your control. If you find yourself in one of these situations, Firebug has the song that will help you in ‘Run’. With a blended sound including alternative rock, blues and soul, the band helps you find a way out of any situation even if the world seems against you.

This guiding single comes from the musical stylings of Juliette Tworsey (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), Jules Shapiro (guitars, organ), Joseph Noval (bass) and Matt Lucich (drums). Their musical journey together started when Tworsey and Shapiro met through a mutual friend. Since meeting, they have moved from New Orleans to California blending the influences that each has to offer.

The tapping cymbals and easy guitar line that opens ‘Run’ instantly puts you at ease. This helps you slip into the soundscape without any effort while the guitars build in power. There is a burst of sound that is all classic rock that sends you soaring into the stratosphere. The opening line drops for the vocals to shine but there is a bluesy guitar that rolls through the background. There is a captivating vibe to the music that makes you want to sway to the rhythm while getting lost in the vocals.

Tworsey’s vocals bring a soulful hit to the rock stylings of the music. Her vocal performance hooks you to the music. As her voice rises and falls, you are irresistibly drawn to riding the waves of her flow. Using amazing imagery and metaphors she places you in difficult situations only to offer a helping hand to get out of them. You can get a lot of strength from the single as the pulses of the melody and rising vocals fill you with the power to fight through any situation.

Firebug have you riding waves of sound while offering a helping hand to get you out of difficult situations in ‘Run’. The melody builds as the single progresses for a solid wave of sound that you ride out in the vocal performance. Through all of this, you are filled with the strength you need to continue fighting.

Find out more about Firebug on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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