Amory Beech – Driver Roulette (2021)

Amory Beech is addressing personal struggles with a delightful positivity through ‘Driver Roulette’. The single touches on battles with mental health, Catholic guilt, alcoholism and recklessness before turning them into a positive change in your life. With an alt-pop tone, he reclaims connections through a burst of positivity and optimism while soothing the rough edges left by struggles.

This is done with a poetic mirroring of life experiences that make the single easily relatable to any listener. James Walker, the man behind the sound, has been focusing on his music since moving back home to Australia after working in film and television in Canada. With music that hooks you, he will have you feeling a calm sense of warmth and acceptance by the end of the single.

The soft and tender opening of ‘Driver Roulette’ wraps ribbons around your heart to pull you into the single. The softness of the opening is met with a deep beat that pounds through you. These beats bring a tension to the soundscape that you feel is going to burst with negativity only to slide into a vibrant energy on the chorus. The lightness of the chorus is a blossoming of better times to come and the embracing of moving forward. The light tones that come through the soundscape help to soothe the pain and rough edges brought by those deep beats.

The movement of the melody is matched by Beech’s vocals. When he enters, his vocals have a pleading quality to them as they are steeped in Catholic guilt. This moves to a struggle against the negative things in life that try to pull you under the waterline. When the melody swings to a brighter feeling, the vocals and lyrics rise to meet it. Through his performance, you are pulled toward a positive light that fills your chest with optimism. The change in his performance from pleading and pain to hope and positivity is wonderful and really shows the power he has.

Amory Beech leads you to positivity in light of battles with negative emotions and experience that threaten to pull you under in ‘Driver Roulette’. The movement of the melody pulls you into painfilled moments before bursting with light and optimism. The vocals follow this movement from guilt to a soothing of the rough edges of your soul.

Find out more about Amory Beech on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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