The Flashpot Moments – Campfires for Cavepeople (2021)

With his last EP Describing the Ruckus, The Flashpot Moments took us on a journey of upbeat melodies, sombre tones and infectious beats. With his latest EP Campfires for Cavepeople, he continues the journey with a host of new collaborators. From steamy guitars to layered harmonies and keyboards that will not stop, there is a wonderful story woven through the tracks.

Through his music, he embraces the best elements of power pop and indie rock to create a melting pot of sound. Add this to his songwriting prowess and you get EPs that captivate you from start to finish. While there is a heavy dose of indie sensibilities, each track also carries something bordering anthemic making you want to soar into the air with it.

The EP starts with ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Better’ which draws you in with soaring guitars. There is a rather dramatic feeling to the melody as the lower levels thrum through you and the higher levels pull you into the air. The vocals have a great indie rock vibe while the lyrics call to stay in the moment and not move on. It is an interesting message that connects with how many people don’t want to move forward because where they are feels perfect. While there is this feeling, there is also a touch of knowing that things will have to change if we move forward.

‘Alison/Allison’ has a really upbeat and vibrant energy that blasts through you from the first moment. The pulse of melodics drops for a more stripped back tone on the verse while the vocals get a slight power-pop vibe. There is a slight cosmic rock vibe to the lyrics that makes you think of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. This is wrapped in something modern and purely The Flashpot Moments to bring a new edge to the movement. It is a really engaging track that fills you with some good vibes.

The call of the vocals that open ‘Knockoff’ really sets the tone for the track. There is a feeling of protest to the music and the vocals. This is enhanced by the lyrics which call for us to not give in to a knockoff. There are a few ways that this track can be taken which is wonderful and a real showcase of the musical abilities of Tim Crawley. With the layered harmonies, you get a real chanting feeling that bolsters the protest feeling of the track.

‘Wasted in Waltz Time (Take 5)’ is a really short track that wastes no time getting to the point. While the track does not carry the traditional waltz style, there is something about the vocal performance that pushes you to the spinning vibes. The instrumentation also draws on some of the tones that are common to the dance. The lyrics carry a deep affection while the vocals make you smile and feel that any time spent with a loved one is never wasted.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Confession’ which brings a rather epic sounding piano line in the opening. The organic feeling of the piano has an authentic vibe that brings a raw emotional hit to the vocals. Crawley packs a lot of emotions into this song through his vocal performance. There is a heavy hit of pain as he embraces the confession in the lyrics. The swelling of strings in the low levels of the track adds a depth and richness to the music that bolsters the emotional confession.

The Flashpot Moments draws on the best parts of indie rock and pop to fill you with the emotions of Campfires for Cavepeople. Each track hits you in the chest with emotions, but the delivery of this emotional punch is completely different. This highlights the versatility and musicality of Tim Crawley while keeping you hooked to his sound.

Find out more about The Flashpot Moments on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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