Andrea – Choose My Way (2021)

Andrea is taking a different turn from her usual sound with the gritty electro-pop tones of ‘Choose My Way’. The ballad is packed with raw emotions and surges with the clash between young adults and their parents as they push against desires and chart their own way in the world. Through this consideration of generational clash, Andrea highlight RnB and soul influences while bringing a new maturity and sophistication to her style.

Following on from the string of successful singles since her debut, Andrea brings teen angst to her sound while showcasing that she is more than a love and heartbreak singer. With a love of music that started at age 5, she draws on her own experience of pushing against her parent’s expectations for this track. With a power that had us hooked to her sound with ‘Betting on You’, she continues to snare us in the web of her music.

There is a dark-pop feeling to the opening line of ‘Choose My Way’. The maturity and depth of the track come through the melody that draws you in using a rich piano line. The ballad creeps into your senses before sweeping electronic beats through your brain. The melody has an interesting mix of organic and electronic that layer over each other before rising and bursting in a clash of sparks through the chorus. There is a feeling of strength that comes through the verses that flows perfectly into the bursts of sound. It is a dynamic movement that brings the clash and push against expectations to sonic glory.

It is not only the melody that brings a richness and dynamic movement to your ears. Andrea’s vocals are powerful and emotive as she cries out into the soundscape. Through the verses, she carefully lays out teen angst and the feelings that many people are nervous saying to their parents. There is a gritty edge to her vocals that scratches at the back of your brain. This drops for the powerful rise of the chorus where her vocals power through you and really showcase the sophistication and maturity of her performance. There is a plea woven into the chorus that tugs at your emotions.

Andrea pours angst, pleading and pushing against expectations into the dynamic and gritty ballad ‘Choose My Way’. There is a lot of power in this track from her vocals rising in a desperate plea to the burst of instrumentation. The richness of the melody bolsters the emotive power of her vocal performance while bringing a touch of maturity to her sound.

Find out more about Andrea on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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