Slipped Off Silk – An Inconvenient Day (2021)

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Jonathan Martin, Slipped Off Silk combines the sounds of Weezer, Radiohead, Oasis and Coldplay in a pretty package. Writing the majority of his songs in his home studio (also known as the bedroom), Martin dabbles in many genres resulting in his atmospheric, ambient and indefinable sound.

While Martin has used GarageBand for several years, it was only in 2020 that he started began releasing original material. Since his debut single, the US-based artist has featured in Our Sound Music, Roadie Music, Cheers To The Vikings, Resurget Magazine and YACK! reaching audiences on an international scale. The latest addition to his well-received repertoire is the EP An Inconvenient Day.

Following his indie-rock-influenced single ‘San Francisco’s Calling’, Slipped Off Silk embraces a “poppier” sound in this honest EP. From the upbeat and buoyant opening track ‘Melancholy Me’ to the EDM infused ‘Past This Summer’, Martin showcases his natural skill traversing various styles, genres and structures. Primarily a piano-driven album, An Inconvenient Day has a distinctly soothing ambience despite the gritty emotional content.

The overall concept of the album is that of life changes. Brutally honest, Martin uses personal narratives to explore issues of love, loss, vulnerability, isolation, inner turmoil and self-acceptance. ‘Melancholy Me’ is, as I mentioned above, an upbeat opener to the three-track EP. However, its lighthearted lyricism veils the portrait of a frustrated and lonely protagonist. It is a juxtaposition of happy melody and poignant lyricism that I find intriguing.

Moving from a 90s-pop design, An Inconvenient Day takes an introspective turn in ‘Past The Summer’. Here Martin focuses on the acceptance of new situations and living in the present. In fact, the melody alters in ‘Past The Summer’ making it unique among the tracks in its cinematic soundscape. Yet, we once again drop into a brooding pool of desperation and despair in the final song.

Potentially my favourite tune on the EP, ‘Inconvenient Day’ poses a philosophical question tying up existential truths in a beautiful bow. Far darker and evocative, ‘Inconvenient Day’ explores the idea of who we can truly call in our time of need. I mean, who is there when we’re “falling down from the sky”?

Overall, I really enjoy An Inconvenient Day. Martin’s rich vocals add a palpable sensation to the tracks making them easy to connect with. The part I enjoy is how reflective, introspective and sincere the music is. Delicately walking a line between optimistic innocence and profound desperation, Slipped Off Silk captures the essence of humanity in three short songs.

For more from Slipped Off Silk check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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