Andreas Grannes – Slow Burn (2021)

Finding yourself after being lost for a long time can be a challenge but, there is nothing better than that moment when everything clicks into place. Andreas Grannes has captured this moment through the melancholic yet uplifting tones of ‘Slow Burn’. Through his mellow lo-fi sounds, he lays out the emotions of these moments from the draining drudge of trying to understand yourself to the euphoric moment when everything becomes clear.

Grannes’ bedroom-pop sounds are clear on this track which was recorded in his bedroom studio. The emotional approach of the single taps into personal experiences while being relatable to everyone listening. With a touch of Tame Impala wrapped around Jeff Buckley, the single helps you fall into your place in the world.

The guitars open ‘Slow Burn’ with some lo-fi goodness that twangs through your chest and settles there. The clapping tones add a little something to the melody while the beats are like a heart beating in the low levels. When the chorus hits, there is a soulful wave to the music that hits you with a wonderful warmth. There is also a light groove the melody that is exciting to hear as it melds with the lo-fi vibes. Through the intimate vibe of the music, you feel like you are being let in on something special that is not shared with many others.

Grannes’ vocals have a hint of Jeff Buckley to them as they wrap around your senses. His performance brings a sense of melancholy at the start of the track that stretches into a wistful search on the chorus. The lyrics match this melancholic tone as you are filled with the anxiety of life. This turns into something more optimistic as he fills you with the moment things turn. The second half of the track still has that edge of melancholy but this is countered by a growing sense of hope for the future.

Andreas Grannes inundates you with lo-fi vibes washed with melancholy only to draw you into a growing feeling of hope and happiness in ‘Slow Burn’. His vocals are wonderfully intimate as he fills you with the emotions of a turning point in searching for yourself. The almost moody vibe of the melody enhances the searching feeling of the track while keeping you grounded when optimism takes hold.

Find out more about Andreas Grannes on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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