Tonal Huldra – Goddess (2021)

Tonal Huldra is starting 2021 with a bang by pumping you with uplifting vibes and some self-affirmation in ‘Goddess’. Using her own experiences, the single considers how women are treated based on their looks. With a serious message, the single oozes fun and uplifting vibes while being unapologetic about what it has to say.

The single comes off her upcoming debut album and lets you know that every woman is a goddess waiting to rise. After working as a function singer and vocal coach, Huldra decided to release her own music using the nickname she was given as a child. With 2019 spent exploring different sounds, she settled in 2020 on her alternative-pop tones.

‘Goddess’ shimmers and bounds into your ears with an easy flow. There is a solid beat to the music that turns into a running shuffle. The punchy synths in the low levels of the music add an uplifting bounce to the melody. There is a modern pop tone to the music with a touch of neo-soul and hip-hop carefully injected into the single. Overall, the melody has a gentle warmth to it that puts you in the perfect headspace for the lyrics to really sink in and make you feel great about yourself.

Against the easy melody are some beautiful vocal harmonisations that add a depth to the music. Huldra’s delivery is conversational before she calls out into the ether and fills you with empowerment. As she touches on the vulnerabilities everyone feels, she turns them into something positive. While doing this, she also brings a sense of struggle to her performance that most people will be able to connect with.

Tonal Huldra fills you with power while gently pumping uplifting vibes into your veins with ‘Goddess’. As the lyrics let you know that you are a goddess waiting to rise, Huldra works through feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. This is set against a light melody that lifts your spirits and allows you to have fun.

Find out more about Tonal Huldra on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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