Andreww – In My Head (2021)

The relationship we have with our innermost thoughts is not something that is often delved into by the music world. Well, this is exactly what Andreww is doing with his much anticipated single ‘In My Head’. Offering an intriguing glimpse into his own thoughts, the single delves into deeper and darker corners of the musical world. With clever use of lyrics laying over a grunge-fuelled soundscape, this single pushes the boundaries and unleashes his creativity on the world.

After releasing his debut single last year, Andreww has been moving from strength to strength. Drawing on his eclectic tastes and the confidence that only an international model can have, he struts into your brain to live there rent-free. Refusing to be tied down to genres and specific styles, he creates a rich and complex tapestry of sound.

‘In My Head’ opens with a rock-n-roll inspired sound that brings a slightly retro vibe to the track. With a splash of psychedelia, he draws you into the swirl of thoughts and musings. The lower levels of the melody have a rather eerie creeping feeling while the higher levels tap with a grunge vibe. It is a really engaging melody that brings the demons of our thoughts to light while contemplating the relationship we have with them. There is a feeling of push and pull at times that slides into the plucking notes of the guitar.

Andreww’s vocals enhance the grunge feeling of the music. His voice has a slight roughness that scratches at the back of your head that slides into the smooth film of the chorus. The movement of his voice highlights the darker edge of the track while effortlessly drawing you further into the track. The retro tone of the melody is also bolstered by the vocals, but he also brings a modern slide that showcases his versatility and creativity. The lyrics are easy to connect with as they swirl around your brain.

Andreww offers a glimpse into his innermost thoughts through the swirling darkness and intriguing slides of ‘In My Head’. The melody brings a touch of psychedelia to grunge sensibilities pushing the boundaries of his music. His vocals embrace the grunge feeling of the track while enthralling you and pulling you under his spell.

Find out more about Andreww on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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