Lia D’Sau – Bird (2021)

At only 18 years of age, Israel-based singer-songwriter Lia D’Sau is exploring complex existential truths that even the most mature adult wouldn’t approach. As a youngster, she is definitely excited about like as an adult and expresses these thoughts through her music but don’t think she is a mere “coming of age” character. Drawing together elements of pop, folk and indie-rock, D’Sau has a unique and rather innovative sound. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Bird’.

Reminiscent of contemporary acts like Lizzy McAlpine and Darren Criss, Lia D’Sau’s new song is intimate, intense and intriguing. Joining the ranks of younger musicians, D’Sau contributes to the sound of the new generation with her, particularly with ‘Bird’. Adopting a more upbeat and jovial tone as compared to her debut ‘Manboy’, ‘Bird’ is a refreshing addition to a stagnating pop scene.

Penned during the Covid-19 lockdowns, D’Sau shares that ‘Bird’ is “…meant to be like a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a basement for a year.” A conceptual piece, the track explores the need for freedom and attainment thereof despite several challenges. The thing is, it is not only the synth-filled melody that sticks in your head but her vocal execution as well. Dreamy and ethereal, there is a haunting quality about the hushed vocals. I’m not saying a bad haunting but a heart-touching lingering that follows you for several hours after listening. I believe this shows true sophistication that far surpasses D’Sau’s tender years.

In addition to her single, Lia D’Sau released an official music video for ‘Bird’. A visual representation of the concept of freedom, this music video expertly executes the message behind ‘Bird’. Merely cycling along in her shorts, boots and green flowing top, D’Sau is the epitome of whimsical, childish innocence and freedom. Seemingly without a care in the world, she evokes smiles and calmness by just riding a bike.

For more from Lia D’Sau check out her Instagram and Spotify.

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