Angie Robba – Hasard (2020)

The last year has been depressing for a lot of people, but there is also hope to be found. If you are in search of some hope, Angie Robba can help with her single ‘Hasard’. Through the lens of youth, Robba looks at the hope in the world even in the face of major crisis such as climate change and social inequality.

Drawing on inspiration from international new wave pop, she wrote and self-produced the single. No newcomer to the music scene, she started recording covers on YouTube as a teenager before signing to a label as part of Sardou et Nous before doing The Voice France. Now, she is offering light in dark times.

‘Hasard’ uses a delicate guitar line to draw you in. This acoustic guitar continues to pull you further into the single as a piano line joins it. The two instruments dance around each other before the chorus hits and with it the beats that take you to another level. These beats remain, but pulse like a heartbeat below the piano line. As you float to the flow of the melody, you are filled with a sense of hope. While there is a hint of crisis and struggle lightly threaded into the music, the overall vibe is uplifting and full of hope for the future.

Robba’s vocals grab your hand and lead you into the single. While the lyrics are in French there is a universal feeling to them that transcends language. Through her performance, you are shown the hope within the melody and lyrics. On the chorus, her voice combines with the melody to form the sun breaking through the dark clouds of the storm of life.

The music video focuses on the fight against climate change. Through the use of blues and greys, the video creates the visual of a crisis. The hope that overcomes this is wonderfully portrayed through the new sprout of plants. The use of colours is amazing in the video and helps to deliver the emotional impact of the track. It is a great video to watch that highlights both the crisis, fight and hope for the future.

Angie Robba shines through the darkness of a world in crisis with the hopeful single ‘Hasard’. The delicate melody builds in depth and power to fill you with a sense of hope. Her vocals, while in French, cut through the darkness like a brilliant ray of light after a storm. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the emotions of the single while focussing on the climate crisis.

Find out more about Angie Robba on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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