Dead Method – Babylon (2020)

Lloyd Best is the singer-songwriter behind the musical project Dead Method. His music plunges into the depths of dark and experimental tones to explore deep topics with sobering honesty. He has returned with his highly anticipated new single ‘Babylon’ coming from his upcoming debut album Queer Genesis.

The single depicts the great exodus of queer people who have fled their homes and found family and solace elsewhere. Using personal experiences and those of several friends, he looks at finding your true family beyond blood. The song highlights the power of self-acceptance and finding a home outside the concept of what society says.

‘Babylon’ slowly builds up using a quivering opening that draws you in. The deep electronic beat creeps up on you but adds this underlying tone that matches the oppressed emotions of the start of the track. The melodic arrangement takes a few turns to provide a more accepting note and let you know that you deserve something better.

The melody does a lot of work to build the emotions of the track, but the lyrics are so captivating and Best’s performance so emotive that they outshine the rest. The lyrics are descriptive and add to the well of emotion started with the melody. Through each word of his vocal performance, you can hear the pain and finally acceptance that maybe you deserve to be in a place where you can be yourself.

‘Babylon’ is an assertive anthem by Dead Method for any outcast looking for a found family and place of acceptance. Using personal experiences, the lyrics are relatable and make you feel that you deserve better.

Find out more about Dead Method on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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