Anna Luther – Greatest Love (2021)

Inspired by an excerpt from Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’, Anna Luther is exploring a love that can never be. Delving into the passion and longing for this love, she uses different production techniques to draw out the emotion. Packed with yearning, heartbreak and passionate affection, the track is a real emotional rollercoaster.

While exploring these emotions, Luther pours her own passion for music into each note and lyric. She started creating her own music in 2018 after an incredible recovery from serious vocal surgery. Recording and producing the single in her home studio, she shows a drive to make music that touches people regardless of whether they have ever experienced the situation of the lyrics.

‘Greatest Love’ has a gentle bubbling melody that softly rolls over your skin. The piano line has a deep affection in it while bringing the lightness of a bubbling brook to your ears. There are twinkling tones that glitter in the higher levels that add a glint of warmth and love to the track. The melody walks the line between ambient and expensive while pulling you into an almost meditative vibe. As the song progresses, a shuffling chatter enters that softly changes some of the emotion you feel. Beneath all of this is a swelling breathing line that adds even more richness to the music. The different production techniques being used come together perfectly for an enthralling melody.

Flowing over this melody is Luther’s vocals which bring the emotional lyrics to life. Her voice rolls through different emotions from a yearning to be with someone to the heartbreak of realising the love is not to be. There is a poetic storytelling vibe to the lyrics that bring the emotional movements to relatable situations. At times, the vocals are layered to enhance the emotive hits while a slight electronic edge is added.

Anna Luther takes you on a gentle rollercoaster through yearning, heartbreak and deep affection in ‘Greatest Love’. The bubbling brook of the melody is gentle as it eases you into the emotions of the vocals. Luther’s vocals are packed with serious emotive power as she softly pulls you through the lyrics of the track.

Find out more about Anna Luther on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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