The Freight – Fly On (2021)

With their single ‘Fly On’, The Freight shows that they have a lot more to offer the world than rock and roll. A rather ambitious single, it rolls with swelling string arrangements and massive harmonies that allow the band to really spread their wings. With a building melody, the track states that enough is enough and it might be time to fly away.

This ambitious single showcases the versatility and musical growth of Adam Tiro (guitar, vocals), Stephen Anderson (bass), Greg Tragellis (keys, vocals), Marc Loverin (drums) and John Marinilli (percussion). With this release, the band is keeping their momentum for the year going while delivering climatic sounds. Still tapping into the retro rock tones, the band expands on the foundation they have built for something rather spectacular.

‘Fly On’ gently leads you into the track with a light opening that is expansive yet intimate. You can feel the music reaching out only to drape over you like a warm blanket on a cold day. As the song progresses, the melody continues to build with a breathing and living vibe. The movement of the music is like an awakening that is all cinematic tones and a constant introduction of something new. While each instrument adds a splash of colour to the tapestry of the melody, they stand vividly on their own as well. The rolling percussion slides into the soaring guitars while the strings are a beautiful haunting.

Over the tender movements of the melody is Tiro’s vocal performance. There is a trembling feeling to the opening vocals as he sonically reaches out to someone who is feeling vulnerable. While the melody builds as the song progresses, the vocals have an emotional build-up that leads you to a sense of freedom. There is a lot of strength being imparted through the vocals that steady you and ensure you can fly when you need to.

The Freight take on an ambitious sound with ‘Fly On’ and execute it with a swelling precision. The melody builds like the blossoming of a flower or a gentle awakening. This is combined with vocals that fortify you and lead you to the strength you need to fly out on your own.

Find out more about The Freight on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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