Annabelle’s Curse – Bailout (2020)

When encountering a band called Annabelle’s Curse, you have certain expectations. These expectations are of dark moody music full of foreboding. Such expectations would be wrong as Annabelle’s Curse offers an upbeat and infectious sound far from what their name makes you imagine.

The band formed in 2010 and currently has five members, Tim Kilbourne (vocals, guitar, banjo), Zack Edwards (guitar), Carly Booher (vocals, Mando), Travis Goyette (drums) and Tyler Luttrelle (bass). Their goal was to write good music with a positive message, but their latest releases have strayed a bit from their roots. That does not mean current and new fans will not enjoy their latest single ‘Bailout’.

The track starts with a synthesizer drive acting as the perfect lead up to Kilbourne’s vocals. His smooth voice stands out against the synthesizer. The combination of harmonization, guitars and synthesizer creates a pleasing track. The melody keeps you listening and swaying to the beat.

However, listening to the lyrics takes you on a deeper journey than the music first lets on. The theme of the track is the ever-growing partisan divide seen in the US. The artfully written lyrics make you think about the situation and how there is a line in the dirt.

‘Bailout’ from Annabelle’s Curse is a synthesizer-driven track about partisan divisions. While the theme is heavy, the track is upbeat and offers a sense of hope. As the lyrics state, ‘we have taken on some water, but there’s time to bail it out’. The combination of solid musical ability, smooth vocals and excellent lyrics makes the track one you need to listen to.

Find out more about Annabelle’s curse on their Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram.

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