slowride – As Above/So Below (2021)

With their new single ‘As Above/So Below’, slowride are taking listeners on a rather existential journey. Using their unique blend of rock and electronica, the band considers the question of life with all its ups and downs. A conversation viewed through an existential lens, the single borders on anthemic while diving into some of the toughest questions in the world.

This exploration of life comes from the brains of Ali Epstone (vocals), Phil Jones (guitar, synth) and Tomas Oliver Moore (drums). The three friends started to write music together to pass the time during the lockdowns of 2020. This got the ball rolling and soon they had formed this musical project that introduces their blended sound to the world.

‘As Above/So Below’ hits the ground running with Epstone’s vocals pulsing through your ears and hooking their talons into your brain. The vocals performance has a slightly breathy feeling that moves to a shout on the chorus. As the vocals tug you along the soundscape, the lyrics throw you into the deep end of existential musings. The highs and lows of life that filters through the lyrics are brought to sonic brilliance with the vocals. Later in the track, you are going to be singing along while questioning the flow of life. It is a really amazing delve into the subject that is entirely too engaging for such a heavy topic.

As the vocals push through your senses and fling you into existential musings, the music pulses through your soul. The engaging hooks of the vocals have nothing on the music as the guitar thrums gently in your peripheral vision before the beats vibrate like a live wire in your chest. This all bursts in a shower of light on the chorus. The melody would be amazing blaring out in a stadium while the crowd sings along to the chorus.

Existential musings have never been so engaging as they are in slowride’s single ‘As Above/So Below’. Every element of the single hooks you to the band’s sound while drawing you into the contemplations of the ups and downs of life. As you get lost in the energy of the single, the band effortlessly weaves a conversation of life into your ears while making you want to sing along.

Find out more about slowride on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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