Arcade Stories – Submerse (2020)

Are you looking for a song that delivers dynamic shifts that will leave you breathless? Look no further than ‘Submerse’ by Arcade Stories. This single comes at you in waves with each hitting harder than the last. Drawing on the experience of central writing figure Adam Djensen, the single uses its melodic tones to take your breath away.

The atmospheric tones of the single are a powerful display of what the project has to offer. No newcomer to the music industry, Djensen started with Infinova and has assisted bands such as Thanartist. His experience creates a musical depth that is on display with this single.

‘Submerse’ hits you with a light opening that leads to equally light vocals. The easy flow of the vocals draws you deeper into the depths of the music. There is a dip in the vocal delivery similar to a submersion under the waves of the melody. This picks up for a cresting chorus that rises from the depths and peaks over you. There is an almost anthemic feeling to the chorus as it takes you higher and higher. This dips back down creating sonic waves that overlap and roll into each other.

The melody continues this tidal flow as it builds from the opening with a light guitar line. This reaches a crescendo on the chorus as it pulses with power and energy. When the vocals dip before the chorus, the melody follows with deep beats and an almost dark tone. The guitar then crashes through to form a frothing energy that overtakes all that came before. This crashing melodic tone intertwines with the vocals for a wonderful listening experience.

Arcade Stories leaves you breathless with the tidal and dynamic flow of ‘Submerse’. The melody works in waves that overlap and crest for the chorus before rolling back. Over this are the vocals which add to this tumbling feeling.

Find out more about Arcade Stories on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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