Eve Maret – Synthesizer Hearts (2020)

Are you looking for a song that perfectly captures the scrambling flux of life? Eve Maret has just what you need with her single ‘Synthesizer Hearts’. The excitable scrambling of the soundscape is tempered with a gradual reveal covered in a wave of synths. Off her latest album Stars Aligned, the single offers a consciousness that encompasses both past and present.

While no newcomer to the scene, Maret is taking a pop edge to her music for a sprawling sound full of her personal experiences and growth. Through the music, you touch on grief, love, joy, heartache and disappointment. This all swirls with the manipulated vocals of this single for a great introduction to her sound.

‘Synthesizer Hearts’ grabs your attention with roiling synths from the first second. This is combined with an infectious beat that pulses from the depths of the melody to get your body moving. There is a very experimental feeling to the melody as it takes some interesting twists and turns. These turns in the melody add to the scrambling excitement of the track. Through the pulsing synths and deep beats, you feel like you are running while scrambling to find the right way. This does take a swing in the middle of the song for a more melodic flow before you are thrown back into the pulsing synths.

Maret’s vocals do not play a very large role in the track, but they do add another layer to the track. The electronic edge to the vocals adds to the overall vibe of the track. Her voice comes in at strategic times to create the gradual reveal that tempers the excitable synths.

Eve Maret has you scrambling to the experimental synths and infectious beats of ‘Synthesizer Hearts’. The melody goes through waves of scrambling energy, melodic flows and tempered exuberance. They combine with the slow reveal of the vocals for a very engaging track that gets you moving to its rhythm.

Find out more about Eve Maret on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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