Areo – Bring It On (2021)

The feeling of being into someone has been captured and crafted into a unique listening experience by Areo. ‘Bring It On’ expresses this feeling as bring off for a night while you wait for the connection to be returned by the other person. Combining his unique vocals with electronic instrumentation, Areo leads us through guitar choruses for a truly amazing single.

His playful visions of harmonies and rhythms meet uplifting movements and melodic surprises that keep you hooked to his songs from start to finish. With sounds that are easy to immerse yourself in, he brings the best elements of pop and dance to the soundscape. While his previous releases have seen global radio play, this track really lets you know why people are keeping an eye on him.

‘Bring It On’ grabs your attention with the pulses and electronic tones of the opening. There is a feeling of slightly off-kilter movement to the opening but this gives way to the smooth melodics of the guitar chorus. When the guitar hits, you and filled with the urge to sway and move to the music. When the electronic notes pop and pulse for the verse, you are filled with their energy. Throughout the single, you are filled with an interesting feeling of neon lights that gently shine through rain-soaked streets. The interplay between the electronic and organic tones of the melody is wonderful and pull you further under Areo’s spell.

If the melody was not interesting enough, the addition of the vocals will really get your attention. The vocals have an electronic edge to them that meets the melody perfectly, but there is something about the performance that is utterly organic. This organic feeling really comes through in the lyrics and the emotion he infuses into each word. You can feel him reach into your senses and pull you into the experience of the track.

Areo immerses you in unique and interesting melodics that blend electronic and organic lines while dropping you into the experience of the lyrics in ‘Bring It On’. There is a unique feel to his music that really shines in this track. While unique, there is a masterful blending of elements that makes the single so easy to fall into and get lost in.

Find out more about Areo on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • December 1, 2021 at 6:33 pm

    Thanks ever so much for your nice words. Glad you like my record! 🙂

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