Arliston – South (2020)

For the past two years, we have found ourselves facing a new single from Arliston. In 2018 it was ‘Hawster’. In 2019 it was ‘I Have No Honour’. This year we are proud to present ‘South’.

Hailing from Whitechapel, this indie trio has explored different styles of music since 2018. ‘South’ is the latest addition to their repertoire bringing back their strong ambient sound and experimental pop. A little more defined than their previous tracks, Arliston creates a whirlpool of music and lyrics in ‘South’. The cohesion of synths, simple guitar and whispered vocals induce a sense of tranquillity; however, there is a darker side to the track.

‘South’ is a reflection of damage in life and how amassed damage can result in a problem that is greater than the sum of its whole. Frontman Jack Radcliffe describes it as being the question of persistence. All people experience ‘rough patches’ in relationships, but how much scar tissue must there be before you can’t carry on.

The track was written on Arliston’s Canada tour but instead of the tour bus or aeroplane, about 90% of the track was from vocalist Jack Radcliffe’s sickbed.

“I managed to get Shingles whilst out in Canada and had to be rushed to A&E when our plane landed to stop it from turning into full-blown Encephalitis. This song was written whilst I was in the foothills of the illness, but I think it paid off!” – Jack Radcliffe on ‘South’

In my opinion, it definitely paid off. Among the melancholia of ‘South’ lies a sense of optimism – a hopefulness within the hopelessness. ‘South’ is available on Arliston’s Spotify and you can engage with the trio on their Facebook.

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