Assassins – Believe (2021)

With a reputation for energetic and engaging live performances, the Australian trio Assassins shared their distinctive rock sound with Melbourne audiences from 1981 to 1989. Over 20 years later, the lads are back bringing their individual experiences together to create beautiful music. Since 2015, Eddie, Craig and Andrew have released well-received EPs and singles with the most recent being ‘Believe’. It is with ‘Believe’ that we introduce you, and ourselves, to the talented Assassins.

Drawing together elements of indie-rock, alternative rock and some proto-punk in the mix, Assassins show their uniqueness as musicians. Honing their sound over several years in live venues, the lads have had a chance to create something new and intriguing; however, their tracks do have an old-school rock feeling to them. This is particularly evident in ‘Believe’ – a single with an 80s-rock style layered with wistful vocals and 90s alternative rock underlying everything. It seems, and not only with this song, that Assassins are ambassadors of yesteryear in today’s contemporary rock scene.

A guitar-driven track, ‘Believe’ is dynamic with guitar riffs leading into hard-hitting, gritty vocals. From the first note, the band ensnares your senses with their intensity, power and force (without appearing too forceful or in your face). The arrangement of the vocals and instrumentation is superb with layers allowing each element prominence while bringing them together as a united whole. I find the lead vocals particularly interesting as they lie atop the melody like a gossamer blanket of sound using wispy tones to share a rather poignant lyrical content.

While the band can connect with listeners on an intimate level with melodies, it is the lyricism that highlights the profoundness of the song. Assassins share that ‘Believe’ is about “…how we see the world around us” enhancing a sincere closeness with audiences even if the track is loud and gritty. In fact, it is the gruffness and grittiness that represents our uncertain society and encourages a sense of sentimentality from the band.

After pressing repeat a couple of times, it is clear that Assassins are made to perform live. I can easily imagine them pounding out ‘Believe’ on a stage – anthemic, intoxicating and inimitable.

For more from Assassins check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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