Myoon – Joyce (2021)

With their single ‘Story’, Myoon contrasted light and dark while taking on the end of a toxic relationship. Now, they are delving into the life of a single character and exploring the loneliness they feel in ‘Joyce’. Through the single, we are introduced to the titular character who feels alone even when they are surrounded by people.

As the electronic tones of the track pick you up for the journey of the single, the duo continues the path she knows she should take to make her life better. While she struggles to find the strength to leave the darkness of her world behind her, the band fills the soundscape with a relatable feeling. An enthralling exploration of loneliness and the fight to overcome it, the single sweeps through you with a delightful mix of pop and French house.

‘Joyce’ rises through the soundscape with a progressive movement that builds and steadily becomes louder. There is a softness to the opening melodic line that gives way to a gentle pulse of house tones. The melody has a very interesting feeling that brings the isolation of loneliness to a really moving sound. The expansive feeling of the music reaches out into the ether as it searches for a connection that the character struggles to create. There is a slightly retro vibe to the track that brings an edge to the track.

The vocals rise with the music as they seem to call to you from a distance. As the music becomes louder, the vocals draw closer and offer a comforting hand through the lyrics. While the music has a distant and expansive vibe, the vocals pick up the reaching feeling and try to connect with you. This is done with a tinge of sadness and melancholy. You can feel that there is a fight against the darkness of life through the vocals as the lyrics try to make life easier for Joyce. While there is a comforting edge to the track, there seems to be a wall that they can’t overcome which brings the emotive hit of the track. As the sadness and seeming futility of reaching out makes its way into your soul, you are filled to the brim with emotions that make you want to reach out to loved ones and have a good time.

Myoon uses the loneliness and sadness of ‘Joyce’ to fill listeners with the expansive search for connection of the extremely emotive track. The music rise from the depths only to reach out into the ether in search of happiness and connections. This is picked up by the vocals that try to reach for the title character only to struggle to bring the light needed.

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