Avresa – Are You Happy? (2021)

The pandemic has led to a lot of realisations about the way we live and view other people. With his single ‘Are You Happy?’, Avresa considers living vicariously through social media and the presumptions we make about other people’s lives. While diving into these topics, the track skips into an examination of past mistakes and distant memories immortalised on the internet.

Written during lockdown, the single picks up the whirlwind of emotions and mental health struggles that many of us went through. This consideration of new perspectives is part of Avresa’s larger collection titled Perspective. It continues his musical journey that started with moving on from an alternative rock band and into more blended musical leanings.

‘Are You Happy?’ starts off asking the hard question then turns it into something a little lighter. The lightness is somewhat edged as he delves into the world of social media and living through a screen. His vocals are light yet hard-hitting as they question how we interact with others and view how they live. There is a searching feeling in the chorus as he reaches out for a connection. The lively feeling of the track is a little at odds with the heavy-hitting lyrics and vocals. However, this contrast makes the single even better and really gives it a serious punch.

As the vocals have you questioning connections, delving into past mistakes and questioning happiness, the melody has you jumping around like mad. There is a driving beat that slips past your defences and vibrates through your veins. The guitars bring a vibrant blast to your ears before thrumming energy into your soul. There is such a lively feeling to the music that you can’t help but get lost in the movement. It is a melody that you want to blare from your speakers and move around to while getting completely lost in the sound. The light piano line that twinkles later in the track gives you a second to breathe before you are thrown back into the vibrating energy.

Avresa has you reaching for connections, considering new perspectives and tackling social media happiness in the lively and vibrant ‘Are You Happy?’. The single has a delightful contrast between the heavy-hitting vocals and the energetic and carefree melody. As you turn up the volume to move to the music, the lyrics will have you reconsidering your perspective on life.

Find out more about Avresa on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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