Point Lobo – Tacoma Narrows (2021)

Earlier this year, Point Lobo gave us a taster for his EP Tacoma Narrows and now we are excited to hear the rest of the tracks. Covering a range of genres from synth-funk to lo-fi pop and post-punk, the six-track EP is a cinematic wonder that will have you grooving to the sound then floating on a cloud. An innovative swirl of intense musicality and a true showcase of what he has to offer listeners, the EP plays out like a film while making you want to dance to the rhythms.

With tracks that touch on everything from mental health struggles and crumbling bridges, there is something undeniably positive about the sound. Drawing on his experience writing for film and TV, Point Lobo sends you on a journey you will not forget with his music. With a little something for everyone in the fusion of styles and genres, the EP is a must-hear for everyone.

‘Broken Parts’ opens the EP with a building swell that draws you into the soundscape. The melodics break through with a blast of lo-fi sound that overlays a really tight arrangement. The rather funky movement that takes over brings you to the rather nonchalant vocals that lay out the story of the track. There is a really authentic feeling to the vocal performance that is open about struggles while swaying over the music. The pleasing of the chorus is light yet tugs at your heartstrings. The plucky notes of the melody have you bopping to their rhythm with effortless ease.

‘Kita City’ takes a different turn with the driving synths that pulse against your ears with a slightly retro vibe. There is a great feeling to this track that brings a flash of lights to your senses. The vocals bounce across the synths with an almost playful movement before rising like coloured mist. While there is a retro feeling to the melody, the vocals and lyrics bring a contemporary edge to the track. As you listen to the track, you get the feeling that you are speeding down a road and you can feel the rush of wind as it surges through the windows.

The EP takes another sonic turn for ‘Low Flame’ that offers an almost tropical car-free vibe. There is a really relaxed feeling to this track that makes you want to sit back and sink into it. The melody is packed with groovy vibes that have you swaying to the music while the heat of a lazy day sinks into you. While the melody is all easy grooves and relaxed vibes, the lyrics are a little at odds with this. There is a touch of insecurity woven into the lyrics that is a wonderful counter to the melody. The vocals are as chilled as the music but there is an underlying thread of questioning and yearning for something more.

The chilled vibes of the last track are incorporated into the dreamy opening of ‘Helen’s Song’. The dream-pop flow is so soft that you can’t help but float to the sound. There is a softness to the music that wraps around you like cottonwool and muffles the rest of the world. This allows the vocals to gently twirl around you and pull you into a journey through the clouds. The choral vocals add to the softness of the song while the music dances and swirls around you. As you float on the melody, the vocals bring an interesting texture to the track. There is a punctuated feeling to them as they pop through the soundscape before sliding into mellow vibes of the music.

The title track ‘Tacoma Narrows’ bring the plucky synths to a new soundscape. The movement of the synths and drums have you rolling forward through the track while the vocals bring two sides of a story. The vocals open with a light tone that captures the highs of life before dipping for a darker tenor that slides into the lows. The rise and fall of the vocals really showcase the musicality of Point Lobo and the way he effortlessly brings stories and messages to life. It is not only the vocals that rise and fall with the melody swinging to match. The climax of the track is rather epic with a swirl of instrumentation from Hitomi Oba (tenor saxophone) and Nick DePinna (trombone). The use of horns at the end of the track brings a whole new dimension to the sound that is absolutely wonderful.

The EP comes to an end with ‘What Did I Drop/Greasy Show’ which brings a funky bluesy vibe to the track. The pulse and stomp of the music is an absolute blast after the crescendo of the last track. The music has you bopping to the tapping beat while the vocals pop against your ears before questioning on the chorus. There is a real sing-along vibe to this track that makes you want to tap out the beat and sing along before everything flows into the melodic wonder of the instrumentation. The instrumental section is a delight to listen to with sultry sax notes and beats that have your shoulders moving to them. The sultry heat of the music is fantastic and a great way to close out the EP.

Point Lobo uses six very different songs to keep you hooked to his EP Tacoma Narrows. With a swirl of genres and instrumentation, he transports you into retro vibes, speeding down the road, relaxing on lazy days and bopping to beats like a crazy person. The EP is a stunning display of his musicality and will make you fall in love with his honest and authentic sound.

Find out more about Point Lobo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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