AWavez – Dictators Beware (2022)

There are people in the world who seem to be able to do whatever they want without having to face any personal consequences. The anger and frustration this knowledge brings has been taken up by AWavez and turned into his single ‘Dictators Beware’. While the single focuses on the evil reign of dictators who oppress and murder without consequences, the single considers how the world would be better off without them.

There is also something greater to the single than this single focus on dictators as they are not the only people who act with impunity. This unleashing of anger and frustration brings together gothic tones with dark pop and experimental tones. While AWavez played classical guitar as a teenager, it was only years later that he read about DAWs, got one and become fascinated with making his own music. Now, he is blending genres and styles, creating a diverse range of songs.

‘Dictators Beware’ pulses to life, getting your heart racing and your blood pumping. It is a perfect start to the single that is packed with frustration and anger. Through the pulses of the melody, you are pushed into the frustrated emotions of the track, that twist and turn into anger. The steady pace of the pulses keeps you moving through the single, while layers of sound overlap to form the main melodic line. The electronic tones that fill the melody are the perfect foundation for the emotions of the track. The movement of the melody leads you to the jangle of higher tones that tug at the thoughts you have about those who abuse their positions of power.

As the melody pushes you down the single, the vocals have an electronic edge to them as they unleash their frustration. There is a slight gothic feeling to the vocals as different vocal lines join together to call out those in power. From the first word, the lyrics carry a warning to dictators, letting them know that people are growing frustrated and will rise up against them. The single lets out everything that most of us have thought regarding these people in power, but have never unleashed. Woven into the chorus is a call to action that leaves you with a rallying feeling.

AWavez unleashes anger and frustration at the lack of personal consequences for people in power, through the electronic tones of ‘Dictators Beware’. From the first note, the single fills you with the angry emotions of the track. The vocals have a gothic edge, while riding the experimental tones of the melody to a rally call against people who abuse their power.

Find out more about AWavez on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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