The Frisky Gypsys – I Am Falling (2022)

There are times when we feel that we have reached rock bottom, lacking a sense of self and facing huge challenges in our lives. At these times, it can seem hard to find a way forward, but this is where The Frisky Gypsys come in with ‘I Am Falling’. A personal single written at a time of struggle, the track looks at being at your lowest and offers the boost you need to push forward and heal.

Through the powerful lyrics, Steven Hamilton lets us know that sometimes we need to crawl to reach a point where we can pick up the pieces of ourselves. This track not only offers a personal touch from the band, it also sees a maturing of their sound. Working with producer Gavin Glass, the band touches something deep inside us all while giving us some insight into the future of their sound.

‘I Am Falling’ has an easy guitar line that grabs your attention from the first note. There is an expansive feeling to the opening line as it takes your hand and leads you out into a greater world. The beats have a foot-tapping feeling to them that meets the guitars to keep you moving down the soundscape. There is an undeniable hook to the melody that has you bopping to the rhythm and utterly lost in the sound. You can’t help but move to the rather easy vibes of the track, which are a little at odds with the lyrics at times. The soothing easiness of the melody makes you feel like everything is going to be okay and that you can leave all your worries at the door.

While you are soaking up the somewhat uplifting vibes of the melody, the vocals drop you into a dark moment in life. Through the opening verse, you find yourself in a low place where you have no idea how you are going to move forward. This leads you to the chorus that acknowledges that you are in a low place, but offers a helping hand and a feeling of hope. The chorus fills you with the understanding that even when you are on your hands and knees, you can move forward toward something brighter. As the single continues, a bright feeling settles in your bones, merging the vibes of the melody with lyrics that let you know the future can be better.

The Frisky Gypsys use a rather chilled melody, catchy vocals and powerful lyrics to let you know that you can push on through the dark times in ‘I Am Falling’. The music has a moving feeling that gets you bopping to the rhythm while soaking up the uplifting vibes. This contrasts the initial vocal line, but bolsters the catchy chorus and hopeful feelings that permeate the single as it continues.

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