Baba Blakes – On the Run (2021)

Life is packed with ups and downs that we all need to get through. With a crisp beat and pulsing tones, Baba Blakes expresses the twists and turns of life in the motivational and feel-good ‘On the Run’. Filled with the sounds of summer, the single has you longing for carefree warm days while giving in to the good vibes of indie-pop.

While this is the debut single from this musical project, Dennis Zwickert, the man behind the music, is no newcomer. He has been uploading music covers online and has an ever-increasing fanbase. In 2020, Baba Blakes was born to unleash positivity at a time when it was rather hard to come by. With a DIY concept and a rebrand, he is ready to get everyone riding the good vibes train.

‘On the Run’ is groovy from the first moment and has you sitting back and letting the music lift your spirit. There is a slightly retro vibe to the music that does not to detract from the good vibes of the track. In fact, the retro edge of the music adds to this feeling while getting your head bopping to the rhythm. There is no way that you can stay still while listening to this melody as something deep in it grabs your muscles and moves them. The crisp tone of the beats shines against the balmy synths that wash over you with the heat of happy summer days.

As the melody hits with an edge of retro, the vocals are all modern indie pop tones. There is an easiness to his performance that makes you think of floating on a pool while sipping a cool drink. While the movement of his voice and the melody easily transport you into the good vibes of the track, the lyrics have a timeless message for you. Woven into the really danceable single is a message of carefree happiness tempered by the endless forward march of time.

Baba Blakes transports you to a balmy summer day with retro tones, smooth vocals and a somewhat melancholic message in ‘On the Run’. Every aspect of the single makes it a summer hit from the crisp beats to the good vibes and the carefree feeling that fills your spirit. Woven into this is an interesting message of happiness, togetherness and confronting the endless progression of time. This debut track gets you really excited for his upcoming single ‘ Sign’.

Find out more about Baba Blakes on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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