Patrik Jean – Gravitate (2021)

There are certain people in our lives who seem to live rent-free in our brains. Patrik Jean has created a tribute to these people with the aptly titled single ‘Gravitate’. Packed with metaphors, the single is a playful summer track with a driving bass and evolving sound.

While he lets his mind run free with descriptions of love, Jean draws on his skills as a songwriter that has resulted in him working with artists such as James Arthur and Callum Scott. The multi-platinum songwriter might also be familiar to serious Eurovision fans as he took part in the Swedish national selection contest leading to his entry reaching the country’s Top 50. While using his experience and skills, Jean takes listeners on an emotional journey.

‘Gravitate’ calls to you from the ether with the echoing vocals and airy synths. This morphs into a pulsing dancefloor melody with that driving bass thrumming through your chest. The melody is packed with the bright lights of a dancefloor before shimmering into a wash of glitter. There is a dynamic movement to the melody as it shifts from glittering tones to a push of beats and electronic tones that force you to move to them. The textures of the music showcase the musicality Jean has to offer.

As the melody fills you with the dance vibes of a summer banger, the vocals are all electronic pop in the opening. There is a light touch to his performance that is enhanced by the echoing backing line. Through the lyrics, he dives into an all-encompassing love for someone and the urge to gravitate to someone even when you shouldn’t. The single perfectly captures the magnetic pull that some people have over those in their orbit. The confession of being pulled in that comes through the single is ridiculously catchy and will make you want to play the single at top volume.

Patrik Jean fills your senses with a fantastic summer anthem while confessing giving in to the magnetic pull of someone in ‘Gravitate’. The melody is masterfully arranged with driving beats and glittering synths. His vocals have a dance quality to them that lifts the vibe of the track as Jean delves into magnetic pulls.

Find out more about Patrik Jean on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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