BAYWUD – MMXX (2020)

BAYWUD has gathered his raw and honest songs together for his debut EP MMXX. The 4-track EP includes acoustic versions of his previously released singles. There is also a Nashville remix of ‘(We Don’t Have To) Walk Alone’ featuring steel guitarist Smith Curry. Listeners are also treated to a new single on the EP to round off the emotional experience.

BAYWUD combines his classic piano training with modern folk-pop sensibilities to work through emotional times. Working with veteran of the music industry Rune Westberg, he fills you with the emotions of his music and leaves you wanting more. Remotely produced, this EP captures the smoothness, honesty and vulnerability of the human condition.

The EP starts with the acoustic version of ‘(We Don’t Have To) Walk Alone’. The song draws you in with this wonderful piano line. BAYWUD’s vocals rest smoothly over this line for a touching acoustic experience. His vocals cut through you and fill you with emotions. The acoustic version of this track resonates deeper as you are inundated with the beauty of the soundscape.

The new song ‘Where Was I Then’ fills you with a deep sadness. Written about a close friend who committed suicide, you are filled with the feeling of not having done enough. The guitar-driven melody and haunting vocal lines wrap around your heart and squeeze. They are joined by the melancholic and self-deprecating vocals that bring tears to your eyes. This is a heavy song that hits you hard in the chest and the most emotional of the EP. The harmonica line close to the end adds to the despair laced into the melody.

‘Hold On To Me (Piano/Vocal Version)’ continues the beautiful acoustic thread. The piano line has a depth and strength to it as you flow from light to soaring. The power of the instrument complements the power of the vocals on the chorus. The vocals are wonderfully modulated on this song for a greater emotional punch. You could easily find yourself just sitting back and letting the music wash over you as you sink into the lyrics.

The EP ends with the country twang of ‘(We Don’t Have To) Walk Alone (Nashville Mix)’. This version of the song is so different from the acoustic version that you might believe it is a completely new song. BAYWUD’s vocals hit differently in the country-tinged soundscape. The flow of the music makes you think about open spaces tinted orange by the sunset. The steel guitar notes from Curry add a thread to the song that vibrates deep in your chest.

BAYWUD leaves you extremely emotional with his EP MMXX as he melds previously released singles with the new. Each track tugs at your heartstrings, but the biggest emotional hit comes from ‘Where Was I Then’. The Nashville mix of ‘(We Don’t Have To) Walk Alone’ showcases his versatility and lets you down gently for a perfect ending to the EP.

Find out more about BAYWUD on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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