Half Watt Aströnaut – Blue Collar (2020)

The pandemic has forced a lot of people out of work, but there are those who never stopped working. Half Watt Aströnaut is paying tribute to the essential workers who never get credit for continuing to soldier on with ‘Blue Collar’. The single is an anthem for the dark shift workers and the essential workers who are the foundation of the world. It offers some appreciation for those who are often overlooked.

The ode comes from Nic Blankenship (vocals, guitar, bass) and Haydn Cone (drums). The duo first met in high school but lost touch until 2015. When the band’s original drummer moved, Cone took over. Together they create a raw and honest sound with heavy-hitting lyrics and a melody that pulses through you.

‘Blue Collar’ grabs your attention with a thumping guitar and beat that makes your head move. There is a raw feeling to the melody that forces you to continue listening. The pounding rhythm continues throughout the song with these amazing riffs that swell from the depths. When listening to the melody, you would be shocked that there are only two members of the band. There is a wonderful depth to the music and the swing later in the song for a higher level just takes it to another plain. There is also something funky that bubbles up in the latter part of the track.

Blankenship’s vocals have a great hard rock vibe to them. This adds to the authentic sound of the melody while pulsing the lyrics through your brain. Lyrically, the single is relatable while offering a real anthemic feeling. Throughout the song, there is an appreciation for the hard-working blue-collar workers who have been unappreciated in the face of the pandemic.

Half Watt Aströnaut shows their appreciation for essential works with the anthemic ‘Blue Collar’. The rock soundscape has a wonderful authenticity and raw feeling that cuts through you. The lyrics are relatable while the rock delivery captivates you.

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