Bekimachine – Colours (2021)

Bekimachine is taking listeners on an emotional journey through the sounds of ‘Colours’. Capturing the feeling of being stuck in place without a way out while also feeling that someone you care about is not being honest with you, she has you venturing into an ethereal plane. Through a combination of synth tones, ambient vocals and an amazing flute solo, she fills you with the emotions of varying experiences.

In her music, Bekimachine draws on different elements from electronic styles including electronic pop and synth-wave. With a dusting of cyberpunk and video games, she creates a unique sound laced with the emotive tones of her flute. This sound is woven over mesmerising lyrics that pull you into the depths of the cyber universe she inhabits.

‘Colours’ thrusts you into the deep beats that pound against your ears. Resting over these beats is a synth line that calls you into the cybernetics of Bekimachine’s universe. There is a dance vibe to the beats of the track that gets your muscles moving. This line is wonderfully tempered by the electronic tones that twinkle and sparkle through the soundscape. It is a rather cosmic arrangement that has you riding through the stars and falling through nebulas. The electronic edge of the music is amazing. The flute solo gets an electronic touch that changes the whole sound yet seems to enhance the thrust it adds to the melody.

As the melody pulses and soars through the soundscape, her vocals offer the only organic anchor. Her voice is haunting as it flows out over the electronic tones of the music. You can easily hear the power of her voice as she reaches out for something to pull her out of the stuck feeling she is experiencing. While reaching out, she also turns an eye on feelings of betrayal and overcoming them to move forward. There is a lot going on in the single that comes together for a touching and futuristic feeling.

Bekimachine draws you into a cybernetic world only to anchor you in emotions with the organic flow of her vocals in ‘Colours’. The melody is an intense synth rush that has you falling into the spacy cyber universe of her music. The vocals offer an anchor to hold onto as she pulls you into the emotion of the single.

Find out more about Bekimachine on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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