Elephant Memoirs – Biodegradable (2021)

Described by Spotlight Music UK as a band that “…sure know how to entice the senses with a grown-up, grassroots alt-rock befitting of a superhero blockbuster trailer”, Elephant Memoirs is certainly a formidable trio. Since the release of their debut EP False Sense of Security, the UK-based group has built a reputation for outstanding and unique music.

Featured in blogs like NARC Magazine, Our Sound Music, Roadie Music, Pillar Artists and Crack Magazine, John Aspinall (guitar and vocals), Carl Aspinall (bass and vocals) and Barry Drew (drums) are reaching a global audience. While people are enjoying their music far and wide via the internet, Elephant Memoirs is also an experienced live band playing sold-out shows across the UK. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Biodegradable’.

Following their successful singles ‘Ordinary Life’ and ‘Fairytale’ (read our review here), ‘Biodegradable’ is a crashing force of unapologetic hard rock. I could compare Elephant Memoirs to Queens of the Stone Age with a tinge of Coldplay, but that wouldn’t be fair to this powerful trio. Instead of sounding like QOTSA, ‘Biodegradable’ proves this threesome is not like QOTSA but on (or above) their level. But I’m running away from myself – let’s check out the track before telling you how awesome the band is.

A hard-hitting, guitar-driven single, ‘Biodegradable’ captivates listeners from the first strum. John Aspinall’s vocals pull you into the intense melody in a rather soothing way considering the unabashedly heavy nature of the arrangement. He carries you along the pounding drums and dynamic guitars allowing you to float in the turbulent river of music. Yet, it is not the soothing tone that makes the song but the lyricism as well.

Capturing the significant topic of empowerment, self-acceptance and awareness of oneself, ‘Biodegradable’ elegantly explores the human spirit in an unapologetic way. Reflective and slightly nostalgic, but with a tinge of “listen up and take note” to the single, ‘Biodegradable’ is profound but has an element of headbanging rockness to it. Overall, it’s just fantastic and Elephant Memoirs are fantastic for bringing us this sonic gem.

For more from Elephant Memoirs check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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