Belonging – Now That We’re No-One (2021)

With ‘Think I’m Gonna Fall’, Belonging cried with the escapism of the dance floor. Now he is bringing the calls of the orchestra to our ears with the soaring tones of ‘Now That We’re No-One’. Through a swirl of strings and orchestral crescendos, he weaves the tapestry of youth with a splash of love, loss, confusion, doubt and toxic relationships.

A twisting tale that we can all relate to on some level, the single wraps classic sounds about modern sensibilities. After the dancefloor beats of his last single, this one really showcases his musicality and versatility. With an incredible ability of turning negative into positive, he delves into twisted darkness only to exit stronger than before.

Chris Patrick’s vocals open ‘Now That We’re No-One’ and really grab your attention. There is an almost confessional feeling to the opening that moves into a cinematic movement. The lyrics have a storytelling edge to them that edges toward a soundtrack or theatrical flow. There is a very youthful feeling to his vocal performance that highlights the emotions of the track. There are threads of thoughts that are plucked and woven together to form the flow of the track and it is utterly wonderful. This rather different songwriting style connects with how thoughts flit through our heads and the swirl of emotion that fills us. When his voice rises for a falsetto, the youthful edge really reaches out and captures your senses.

Beneath the extremely captivating vocal performance is a really theatrical melody. The piano line that opens the track emphasises the vocals while the beats that come in move you with a forward momentum. There is a slight fairground tone to the track in the low levels but this is overtaken by the orchestral swell on the chorus. While theatrical, there is a modern touch to the track that takes it out of the orchestra pit and puts it into the streets of real life.

Belonging continues to showcase why he is a musician you should keep your eyes and ears on with ‘Now That We’re No-One’. With vocals that capture you in an almost cinematic flow and a melody that brings the theatrical to real life, the single is an absolute masterpiece. It captures the swirling emotions of youth without dragging you down into sadness.

Find out more about Belonging on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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