Benjamino – Paradise Is Here (2020)

Hailing from the coast of Australia – New South Wales to be exact – Benjamino is the brainchild of solo multi-instrumentalist Ben Cauduro. Born just over one year ago, this singer-songwriter has shown his eclectic style melding soul, funk and indie-pop. After releasing well-received singles, and a debut EP on the way, Benjamino has been featured in notable national and international publications, such as It’s All Indie and Turtle Tempo. The latest addition to his growing discography is ‘Paradise Is Here’.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed single ‘Clutching At Shadows’, ‘Paradise Is Here’ is a smooth and flowing single from Benjamino. Offering a languid element to the track, Benjamino’s warm vocals combine well with the synths and prominent, but not overwhelming horn section. With his unique mix of non-electronic (for lack of a better word) instrumentation amidst a swirling synth-textured sound makes ‘Paradise Is Here’ a truly sensational experience.

Touching on issues of appreciation in one’s life and situation, Benjamino has identified the core of happiness in a person’s life. Add his single ‘Paradise Is Here’ and you’ll have a blissful existence.

For more from Benjamino, check out his Facebook and Instagram.

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