FYVEYES – Come and Love Me (2020)

Considering the majority of their music, it is hard to believe that the band FYVEYES is not only a relatively new group but are also all teenagers. Hailing from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Harry Champion (guitar and vocals), Harry Young (bass) and Harper Champion (drums) are an energetic, engaging and enthusiastic young group. After releasing their well-received debut single ‘Just A Dream’, the trio has added ‘Come and Love Me’ to their repertoire.

The first release off their upcoming twelve-track album Elephant Room, which was recorded slowly over a year, ‘Come and Love Me’ is a hard-hitting, guitar-driven single. Reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden, with dirty guitar licks and solos, FYVEYES have achieved a gritty, holding no punches sound. The passion in the song is not only felt in the mind-blowing guitars, but also in the complementary combination of pounding drums and dynamic bass.

Delving into the agitated world of potential romantic relationships, ‘Come and Love Me’ is the gruff flower whose petals you pick to see if the person “loves you”. Frontman Harry Champion’s gruff and somewhat raspy vocals enhance the concept laying thick the confusion and frustration felt. Quite a unique melding of instrumentation and vocals, FYVEYES show their dramatic boldness in ‘Come and Love Me’. I can’t wait to see what their upcoming album brings.

Side note: FYVEYES released an official music video for ‘Come and Love Me’ which can be seen HERE.

For more from FYVEYES check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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